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Fighting poverty and neglect through education and healthcare

Donation Policy

Donations to K.D.W.S. are eligible for tax exemption as per section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Welcome to K.D.W.S. official website. K.D.W.S. is offering non-tangible products and it is the responsibility of the donor to fully understand the product offered / support for cause before donating.

Why Donate?

There have been a lot of children leading miserable life and have no access to any of the basic amenities of life. Many of those children's hopes have been dashed down because of their poor living conditions and their inability to afford even the basic necessities. Numerous children might have dreams of becoming doctors, engineers etc but their pathetic life diverts them from their dream and forces them to work at different places or beg at traffic signals. In this condition, we come forward to help them in every possible manner. We try to direct them towards a better life by helping them and their families in establishing a place for themselves in the society. We also organize a variety of camps that are dedicated to provide medical care, elementary education and other awareness campaigns so that they can handle the problems faced in life. We work with the help of general public, who donate generously for special causes. After all, it is a social duty that needs to fulfill and we should contribute in the development of our country. It is here that the generous donations from the kind-hearted persons like you will go a long way in helping us to impart value-based education to the poorest strata of the society as envisaged by KDWS.

How can you support us?

By giving donations on a monthly/yearly basis/as per your wish.
By giving equipments.
Celebrate your Birthday with us
By rendering honorary service as a volunteer.
By Corporate Donation and Foundation Partners.
By offering your special skills.
By Doctors and Hospital Partnership.
By making fruitful and rewarding contacts.

Donation Policies

  1. K.D.W.S. will operate with 100% transparency in its financial procedures and practices.
  2. We will accept donations from individuals, businesses and groups with absolutely clean professional records. If any donor is accused of wrongdoing and is found guilty either by our internal committee or by the courts of the country, we shall return the donation made by the person or group and blacklist them in the future.
  3. Every donation is important and contributes to our mission; however, due to administrative costs involved in collection, only donations above INR 100 (Approx. USD 2) will be collected online through this site.
  4. For statutory and legal reasons in compliance with the laws in India, we need to have your name and address, phone number and your Income Tax Permanent Account number (PAN) with each donation made by you. From our end you will receive a receipt mentioning the unique registration number (URN): AACAK0202B/10/14-15/S-0033
  5. Please make sure that you give the correct personal information along with each donation.
  6. Please note that we do not accept any anonymous donations.
  7. All Cash donations are to be given only to our Accounts Department at :
    Head Office: Kasba Dweep Welfare Society
    24 Prantik Pally, Bosepukur,
    Kasba, Kolkata: 700042 India, West Bengal
    Phone : 09804074768
    Mail ID : care@dweepwelfaresociety.org
  8. Please do not give cash donations to any other person unless otherwise authorized by us.
  9. Donations may be made by : Cheques / Demand Drafts / Credit Cards. Donation may also be sent by A/c Payee cheque or demand draft drawn in favor of “Kasba Dweep Welfare Society.” Currently, we are in the process of creating the online payment gateway, till then we are accepting donations through manual process only.
  10. All Indian residents are eligible for tax benefits for their contributions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  11. After a successful donation transaction, a digital receipt/certificate with reference number will be provided on the screen that can be printed out or saved as a PDF file. In case a hardcocpy is required, one would be sent via post at the address provided before within approximately 15 days.

Refund Policy

We make public our policy on refund and cancellation of donations received for the social cause as under:-

  1. Once received the donation for a special cause will not be refunded to the donor. No cancellation will be made. The donation will be used for the community development, children education, healthcare related programs, women's empowerment etc.
  2. Refund and cancellation request shall not be entertained under any circumstances from the date of receiving donation through the website or through our office, because we utilize & allocate the funds for the specific purpose of poor beneficiaries, So there is no possibility of refunding the amount after donating.
  3. Donor cannot request refunds immediately after supporting/donating for the social cause simply because they did not receive sign-up information, username/password, activation email & confirmation mail etc. instantly. If any of these problems occur, they are requested to raise a complaint for related information by emailing us at care@dweepwelfaresociety.org and we will promptly respond back with the missing details within 7 days. In many cases, such problems usually occur due to spam filters in the email servers of the donor.
  4. If any transaction is cancelled by the user during the process period and the amount is not credited in the account of the Organization, but has been debited from the user’s account, the Organization is not at all responsible to refund for the same. The matter has to be resolved by the user from their banker/merchant.
  5. K.D.W.S. will issue refunds / cancellation only under the following conditions:
    1. Unauthorized payment made from a third party account without the knowledge of the account holder.
    2. If a donor donates twice via online donation for a single cause.

Note: Please avoid making a donation of less than Rs. 100/- as the processing costs make it unviable for us.

Policy Regarding Privacy

  1. The Personal information of the respective donors is not disclosed to anyone.
  2. The Amount received as donation is fully utilized only in the welfare activities of the poor, destitute, physically challenged and the needy persons. For more details please go through our privacy policy link.

When expressing your views in the comments, please use clean and dignified language, even when you are expressing disagreement. Also, we encourage you to Flag any abusive or highly irrelevant comments.

For donations now, kindly contact the following number 09804074768 or email us at care@dweepwelfaresociety.org and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Policy updated as of January 18, 2016 ---- K.D.W.S.

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