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Thank you for your interest in getting involved with K.D.W.S. Our interns, consultants and volunteers contribute a great deal to our work and their involvement is always much appreciated. Please read below to learn more about how you can be involved and get hands-on experience as part of our team.

Volunteerism or volunteer services have been part of virtually every civilization and society. Defined in broad terms it is the contribution made by individuals in terms of quality time, specialized skills, operational support with project execution, etc. This entails varied shades and actions ranging from well-being of the neighbors, the community, or the society at large.

At K.D.W.S, volunteers come from all walks of life. They are individuals like you, who are willing to give their time and skills to help change the situation of underprivileged children, women, those living below the poverty line, or spreading the word and working on awareness programs. Volunteers and Interns coming up with fact finding reports and other documents and findings in appropriate spaces and platforms thereby contributing to socio-economic analysis of realities affecting Children, women, and elderly and their rights. Those with a creative bent of mind helps with clicking photographs, preparing posters, making short films, writing write-ups, essays, articles to spread message on various issues that the society works for, and then there are those who are interested in making the world more conducive for girl child, getting scope to work on it in a very focused manner in the dedicated campaigns organized by K.D.W.S for such causes.

Feeling motivated and ready to create a change? Yes! You too can become a K.D.W.S Volunteer with the Volunteer membership team and make a difference!

For further details, contact: care@dweepwelfaresociety.org or contact on 09433217694.

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